Industrial Clothing

Industrial Clothing

Industrial and Textile Clothing:
Spun Bond Fabric is extensively used in protective clothing because of it being flame retardant air and light permeable. It is disposable and economical.

Commercial applications are:

  • Protective clothing
  • Inners for industrial gloves
  • Shoe linings inside
  • Overalls/caps


  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Non – toxic to skin neutral and does not cause irritation
  • Resistant to moisture, mildew and rot.
  • Light weight, flexible, soft and easy to work
  • Air permeable, better ventilation
  • Strong wear and tearØ resistant
  • Easy to cut, stitch/ sew, heat and seal
  • Washable many times


  • Fabric is economical
  • Great variety of use is possible
  • Safe
  • Conversion is easy fast and cost effectiveØ
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