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HDPE/ Tarpaulin/ Woven Sack


Health & Hygiene

Medical Fabrics


Furniture Upholstery

Agriculture Crop Convers etc.

Shoes & Garments

Indusrial Clothing & other Innovative User.


Wagon cover

Truck cover

Open storage cover

Cannal liner

Mandap shed

Green house sheet

Poultry curtain

Car goods cover

Shed cover



We cordially invite you at opening of our new factory at Himmatnagar on 15th july 2012.


HDPE Tarpaulin

• Let us introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturers of the HDPE Tarpaulin in the
country. Our Tarpaulin has diverse range available in the various colors, light weight
structures, customized sizes, durability, thickness etc.

Our Tarpaulins are made from the heavy-duty plastic sheet reinforced hems in order
to provide strength, longitivity and high end durability.

Our tarpaulins have wide applications in the areas like

1. Sugar industry
2. Textile and Spinning Mills
3. Shipping
4. Steel plants
5. Agriculture
6. Transportation and Cargo
Tent houses and many other newly developed application spaces.


The Unlaminated PP/HDPE

The Unlaminated PP/HDPE woven fabric is used extensively in the various diverse
industries like Steel Coils
Paper Rolls
Paper bundles


This Laminated and unlaminated HDPE/ PP woven bags and sacks with liner


The additional liner here makes it the most durable option that ensures foolproof
safety without any leakage hazard. This Laminated and unlaminated HDPE/ PP
woven bags and sacks with liner comes in different sizes and width, mesh (weave) 6 x
6 to 14 x 14 denier from 600 Upto 150, customized colors and side strips, almination
with mirror or matt finish.

The Laminated and unlaminated HDPE/ PP woven bags and sacks with liner are used
for the packaging of the widest range of products like solid chemicals, animal feeds,
maize, fertilizers, sugar, cashew nuts, food grains, flour etc.




LDPE films have their maximum application in the Canal lining and Ponds/
Reservoirs. And in the other products and fields like agriculture industry,
infrastructural projects etc also this film acts as a protective layer for many products.





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